Pure olive oil of excellent quality from Ilia, Olympia region. Low acidity, up to 0,3 degree, very tasteful, goes well for every use. The olive oil which goes back to tradition. It is especially recommended for all kinds of deep fryers.

Fine and ordinary with a pleasure flavor, bodied gourmet Greek olive oil under naturally cold pressed and acidity up to 0,3 is used for all cases and tastes.

Origin: Ilia, Olympia region, Greece
Extraction : cold extraction (under 27°C)
Colour : Deep green with shades of gold
Volume : 500ml (16.9 fl oz) – 250ml (8.45 fl oz)
Acidity 0,1-0,3 %
Peroxide: < 10 mEq 02/kg
K270<0.22, K232<2.30
DK: <0.01
Energy (per 100g): 910 kCal (3800 kJ)
Energy (per 100 ml): 828 kCal (3460 kJ)
Viscosity: 84 mPa.s (84 cP) at 20 Degrees Celcius
Specific Heat: 2.0 kJ/(Kg.Degree Celcius)