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Greek soap and cosmetics made with pure olive oil

Born and living in Greece, we have a deep knowledge of the benefits of olive oil.

Mediterranean nutrition is well known that is based on use of olive oil.

From ancient ages we have discovered and appreciate the value of olive oil also in skin, face and hair care.
In ancient Greece women were brushing their hair with olive oil to keep them soft and shiny. Also, they massaged their bodies, with a special mix of olive oil and herbs to calm their muscles and relax
Even nowadays, Greek pediatricians recommend mothers to bath their babies, with olive oil soap, in order to avoid allergies and skin inflammations.

The most recent scientific researches confirm the remarkable properties of olive oil which contain:
• Fatty acids (vitamin F) which take part in the structure of the cell membrane.
• Antioxidant substances (provitamin A, vitamin E and polyphenols) that protect the cells from damages due to oxidation of their elements.

Selecting all of this information, we realize, that olive oil, is the ideal ingredient, for natural and effective cosmetics for all.

Paradosiaka has made a carefully selected collection of the best Greek cosmetics.
Cosmetics that are based on ancient recipes, they are produced in modern factories, and go through strict clinical and dermatological tests, according the national drug administration, for your safety and best results.

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